Silverstone, Home of British Motor Racing, is proud to announce the launch of the Silverstone Wall of Fame.
The Wall of Fame has been designed to enable fans to cement their place in Silverstone’s and motorsport history alongside the most revered legends. The Wall of Fame is to incorporate Motor Sport Magazine’s Hall of Fame inductees including founder members such as Sir Jackie Stewart, Ayrton Senna, Sir Stirling Moss and Jim Clark, through to present-day heroes such as Sir Frank Williams, Damon Hill, Adrian Newey and Tom Kristensen.
The development will form a lasting celebration to famous drivers and riders, passionate motorsport fans and unforgettable moments at Silverstone. The Wall of Fame is a dedicated area that will be specially constructed with personalised engraved stones with fans names and dedications.
The iconic area designated will be adjacent to the historic Bridge section of track on the former Grand Prix circuit at Silverstone.
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There are three size options available to ensure that all members of the Silverstone and motorsport family can unite in support and have their own individual part of the sport’s history. Each stone is personalised, enabling you to choose your own specific message, and will be carefully sited within a loose grid to create an impressive show of support.

From today you can purchase your stone within the Silverstone Wall of Fame, taking your place alongside the legends and becoming part of Silverstone’s and motorsport’s history forever. It’s an opportunity not to be missed for lifelong motorsport fans of all classes.

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There are three stone size options available to ensure that all members of the Silverstone family can unite in their support and have their own individual part of The Wall of Fame.

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